[OSM-dev] ...more OSM coming soon

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at unina.it
Thu Nov 30 18:03:51 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 28 November 2006 00:11, Joerg Ostertag (OSM Munich/Germany) wrote:

Thanks for the answer :)

> > The problem is the absence of news and roadmaps.
> It is probably very difficult or almost impossible to give a Roadmap in the
> current state of the project. As what I understood some here (me included)
> can't really tell in advance how much time of the day will be left for
> osm-specific stuff besides all the other things which have to be done. So
> you can't really count on a specific amount of time being spent for doing
> things which will bring us forward in the sense of a OSM-Roadmap.
> > A lot of peoples requests to know at least the actual status of the
> > project.
> This is probably one of the most difficult question to answer. Sorry I
> can't really answer it.

I know, i'm a developer too, and when we have a little amount of time we lack 
in writing docs, news and roadmaps :), howewer sometimes 30 seconds spent to 
write on the web page "this is the new map, it is still experimental, please 
be patient in few week it will be fully active, the old map is avaliable at 
http://xxxxxx" could be very useful to take the community happy :)

> You see those are the question we even don't know yet by ourselves. But be
> sure we'll try to answer and solve them as soon as possible.
> I hope these thoughts of mine are not too frustration or to euphoric.

I noted some more zoom level over my area appeared :) howewer i was impressed 
by the new map layer with full world coverage added by Christopher, why do 
not we use it directly while rendering our layer or why do not we adopt that 

Finally i'm ready to render my areas and other from the wish list if it is yet 
necessary. If someone interested i wrote some dirty gentoo ebuild to automate 
installation of mapnik from svn and other little tools. 
osm.xml and osm2pgsql.c should be updated to a new version with a quoted 
natural keyword (i do not have svn access), and the tiles generation should 
be more verbose, as i found problems only from postgresql log file.
Errors like : "unknown type_oid=35728" can be ignored?



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