[OSM-dev] Externalising rendering WAS: Re: API down?

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Wed Sep 6 15:47:14 BST 2006

The rendering on both programs may be relatively slow (perhaps compared 
to how fast SVG could be rendered). However, I don't find them 
absolutely slow on a 4 y/o Athlon 2200+.

Using Firefox; To render my SE6 area to 561x794 pixels takes 4.5 
seconds. To render central chester (the current map of the week) to a 
tile 180x267 takes less than one second. I estimate an average rendering 
time for each complete slippy map 700x500px to take less than 4 seconds 
on my system using FF 1.5.05.

Simon Hewison wrote:
> SteveC wrote:
>> SVG is super slow on ff.
> Can I add Inkscape to that list?
> SVG is super slow on Inkscape.

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