[OSM-dev] Support for multiple layers on the tiles at home server

Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat.com
Wed Apr 4 07:06:19 BST 2007

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi Hakan,
>> Cool, I want to get a medal for the first "real" maplint file ;-)
> Hum. Will a silver medal do ;-)? (But I had advance notice.)

/me mumbles something about unfair advance notices ;-)

>> Frederik: I'm using the maplint styles you sent me some time ago, but 
>> my "empty" maplint tiles are 759 bytes. Can you give me some hint 
>> where to fix this? I'm not quite a XSL guru ;-)
> I think the "empty tile detection" that Deelkar provided for tilesGen.pl 
> relies on the background colour being #fcfcfc, and the style sheets I 
> sent you have #f0f0f0 (in the .map-background style). Try changing that.

Done, I'll run my next rendering tests with that.

> I'll provide a modified tilesGen.pl to create and upload the new layers 
> tomorrow - or have you (Hakan) already tweaked my maplint tilesGen.pl to 
> re-enable t at h mode?

Please find my patches attached.

The upload.diff was a quick&dirty hack to to handle maplint files as 
well. I needed that after seeing Olivers announcement ;-)

My maplinted tilesGen is a second, paralell installation that depends on 
being called after the first, "normal" tilesGen does its work in "x y" 
mode and, after that, leaves its last processed data-$PID.osm around. 
Not quite the "integrated" setup you have and which might be nicer.

Which reminds me: Should the maplint run get the virgin data from OSM or 
the already frollozied one?


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