[OSM-dev] Support for multiple layers on the tiles at home server

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Wed Apr 4 13:40:50 BST 2007

InformationFreeway now has the cycle and maplink layers available.

I've hacked together a rough rules file for the cycle layer at level 12.
Generally the streets are de-emphasised and the cycleways and footpaths
drawn bolder.

It's only been done for zoom level 12 at the moment and just a few tiles in
the south east of England have been rendered just to give a feel for the

Surrey Hills, between Guildford and Dorking:

NR21 between Crawley and Tunbridge Wells:

More NR21 between Heathfield and Eastbourne:

Between Haslemere and Petworth:

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


On 4/3/07, OJW <streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk> wrote:
> Previously, uploaded images had filenames of the form
> tile_z_x_y.png.  That
> interface is still valid.
> Now, uploaded images can also maplint_z_x_y.png, or cycle_z_x_y.png
> depending
> on what layer you want the tile to go into.
> Previously, tiles were viewed using URLs of the form
> http://dev.openstreetmap.org/~ojw/Tiles/tile.php/z/x/y.png.  That
> interface
> is still valid.
> Now, tiles can also be viewed at
> http://dev.openstreetmap.org/~ojw/Tiles/maplint.php/z/x/y.png, and
> http://dev.openstreetmap.org/~ojw/Tiles/cycle.php/z/x/y.png.  These new
> layers are visible on the tile browser [1] and on informationfreeway [2].
> This is just server API support, there isn't yet any content on the new
> layers
> although hopefully someone will modify the tiles at home client to generate
> cycle maps and debug maps to display there.
> [1] http://dev.openstreetmap.org/~ojw/Browse/?x=1021&y=511&z=12&tileset=3
> [2]
> http://www.informationfreeway.org/?lat=15027499.64681&lon=-10046575.07227&zoom=12&layers=000B
> [3] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Tiles%40home/Layers
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