[OSM-dev] Anyone with an idea to import OSM maps into a TomTom (Rider)? Isle of Man especially!

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Thu Apr 5 01:28:14 BST 2007

Hi List!

As I'm travelling to the Isle of Man in May this year (tourist trophy 
:-), I'm looking for map material for my TomTom Rider (special GPS for 
motorcycles - e.g. waterproof).

While to OSM maps seem to cover the IoM pretty good, the TomTom "Western 
Europe" map I own doesn't even include the IoM :-(

If I understand the OSM Wiki correct, only Garmin devices seems to be 
able to "import" osm maps for the "internal routing".

So is this only a question of a missing converter (I'll might spend some 
effort on it) or is the TomTom map format still unexplored?

Regards, ULFL

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