[OSM-dev] New t at h client with multi-layer support

Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat.com
Thu Apr 5 16:03:18 BST 2007

> Hi,
>    I've just commited to SVN a new t at h client which supports rendering
> multiple layers from one downloaded data set.
> It is currently configured to run the default (old "basemap") and
> maplint layers but I expect that 80n will soon add the bicycle/"outdoor"
> layer he has been preparing.
> The layer stuff is controlled from a new config file named, uhm,
> layers.conf.
> I hope that some of you "early adopters" find the time to download the
> new client and test it. If you want it to render maplint ONLY, simply
> say "Layers=maplint" in layers.conf. This is what I just did for the

The current (svn 2397) version runs fine on my machine and renders both
basemap and maplint tiles; i'm running the client in xy mode tough. I
can't test the loop mode without breaking my setup though.

One interesting "feature": My client is recorded as "unknown" on the
Credits page. I believe there is a text file with the allowed client
versions (possibly /home/ojw/public_html/Data/Versions/versions.txt, from
the source of versions.inc) in which you should add "8|OK|Essen".

> TODOs: Make community decisions on what maplint tests should be run
> and how they are supposed to be rendered. This version uses a rather
> strict set of tests. Tests are encoded in tests.xsl which is generated
> by a Makefile from within the original maplint distribution; the
> Makefile and the components from which tests.xsl is assembled are not
> included in tiles at home.

Are those files in tilesAtHome/maplint links to the ones in utils/maplint
or copies? You can make soft links in subversion, this should save copying


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