[OSM-dev] Support of the Developer-Meeting in Essen (14./15. April 2007) from GAV/FOSSGIS/OSGeo

openstreetmap at ostertag.name openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Fri Apr 6 11:12:23 BST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 5. April 2007 22:00 schrieb Georg Lösel (privat):
> Hello OSM-Community,
> The GRASS-Anwender- Vereinigung (GAV) provides you in agreeement with
> the organisation of the FOSSGIS 2007 a financial support of your
> developer-meeting taking place on 14./15. April 2007 in Essen

Thanks a lot to the GAV :-)

Is there anyone coming to Essen who knows about GRASS programming and could 
tell me/us a little bit about it.
Interesting for me would be to know 
   - if there is a simple way to import the OSM Data
   - is there a possibility to store the data ion grass in a way 
      we can retrieve and render them fast?

looking forward to Essen.



PS.: I'll probably be offline for the complete next week. So see you all in 

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