[OSM-dev] Openstreetmap.servebeer.com sends non-RFC-compliant mail

Knut Arne Bjørndal bob+osm at cakebox.net
Mon Apr 9 19:51:05 BST 2007

On Mon, Apr 09, 2007 at 06:39:38PM +0100, SteveC wrote:
> Knut Arne Bjørndal wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >I tried registering on openstreetmap.servebeer.com, but the
> >confirmation e-mail was blocked because the sending host sent an
> >invalid HELO string.
> >
> >postfix/smtpd[5220]: reject: RCPT from
> >host-84-9-50-21.bulldogdsl.com[]: 504 <SteveC>: Helo
> >command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname;
> >from=<abuse at openstreetmap.org> to=<bob at cakebox.net>
> The RCPT (SteveC) != the remote host (openstreetmap.servebeer.com) for 
> obvious reasons.

RCPT is just the stage at which the connection is closed, that is
where all my reject checks are done. The RCPT for this connection is
bob at cakebox.net.

The HELO it blocked was SteveC, not a hostname.

Knut Arne Bjørndal
aka Bob Kåre
bob at cakebox.net
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