[OSM-dev] JOSM patch: add property auto-complete / last selected persistence

Matthew Gates matthew at porpoisehead.net
Thu Apr 12 12:33:30 BST 2007


I've recently started with OSM, and I'm a bit addicted already.  I felt JOSM 
could do with a few usability tweaks, so I tried to implement them.  Hope 
this is the right place to post a patch

I'm not a java developer at all, so please excuse terrible blunders and 

The patch adds autocomplete to the add properties dialog, and also remembers 
the last selected property ID between uses of the dialog.

I feel this helps usability quite a bit for such a trivial change.

I used a public domain implementation of the auto complete functionality, 
which can be used with any JComboBox (and some drived) controls, without 
the need to subclass it, which I thought was a very nice thing.

Patch attached.

Hope this is an appropriate place/method to propose patches.

Matthew Gates
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