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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Mon Apr 16 15:38:30 BST 2007

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SteveC wrote:

> It's also difficult in that most people
> don't know and don't want to know/work with the server code

I'd be interested in looking at the code, but I'm waiting for the rails
port to go live, because it's pointless me learning the non-rails
version, and I don't want to spend lots of effort trying to install a
rails port that I don't understand, only to find that the reason it
doesn't work for me is that it doesn't yet work for anyone.

A quick idea I had is to get rid of the dev server and encourage people
to develop on their own machines. A colinux or vmware image with
everything ready could make this easy for people.

The dev server could then be used to take one of the services away from
the main servers - perhaps it could be a wiki DB server, with the wiki
served from another machine.

Another thought is to outsource the mediawiki hosting -
http://siteground.com/mediawiki-hosting.htm claim to host mediawikis for
5.95/month. I guess that's dollars. This would mean that they can worry
about optimising it etc., and our wiki machine becomes another free
machine for us.

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