[OSM-dev] Proxy for the API

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 16 19:36:12 BST 2007


> Yesterday on IRC was talked about using a proxy for the API. In general
> a proxy will give a higher uptime for many people and the chance to do
> work on the backend. In contrast to 'local' mirrors for specific
> countries, which may give higher uptimes for that country but in general
> can lead to merging errors.

Not if you do all writes on the central server.

We briefly talked about this at the Essen workshop (but without deciding 
on anything). It should be possible to offload almost all read requests 
from the central server by distributing the data in a sensible way. I 
believe that having one machine only handling write requests is a 
concept that will carry us for some time to come; it's the read requests 
that will explode.

Jochen has summarized the idea here:


(I'll post a full summary of Essen results later.)

I'm very much in favour of distributed data storage and your idea 
doesn't sound too bad but as somebody else pointed out, if you want to 
detect conflicts you have a problem; you would then have to make it 
mandatory that write requests for a region go to that region's master 
server, and if it doesn't work, then the region is not writable. It is 
really not that much different that it is today.


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