[OSM-dev] Proxy for the API

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Apr 16 23:00:48 BST 2007


> Yeah, that's the conclusion I came to: a write-through proxy. If the
> upstream server is down the database becomes read-only, which is still
> an order of magnitude better than what we have now.

Actually, it should not be too difficult to change editors to allow 
different servers for reads and writes. That would make the 
write-through aspect unnecessary.

> What left me with one tiny problem: if you have multiple of these
> proxies and someone does an update, how does the proxy know its
> information is out of date. 

It has been proposed to have not "proxies" that would fetch data when 
needed, but rather mirrors that would always have a full and current 
data set (or a well defined subset).

They would have to have one live TCP connection to their upstream server 
through which the upstream server sends all updates. They could easily 
be cascaded, which would add a bit of latency but nothing critical.


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