[OSM-dev] OpenID Single sign on

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 18 15:41:41 BST 2007


> I've done this a few times; I could do it and own it for this  
> proj.  Here is what I did last time...
>   http://developer.hook.org/trac/browser/appwiki/user/ 
> user_controller.rb
> ... it's very easy... (mind you this is in the camping framework  
> but pretty easy to port to RoR )

Ruby being an OpenID consumer would be something good to start with.  
But to improve the current situation we would ideally want something  
where the wiki - "all our wikis" in case we decide to have more than  
one in the future - and the ruby server and the GPX upload piece  
would *all* use the same ID. (And JOSM as well - unsure how this,  
being a non-web appilcation, could be integrated?)

Some people spoke of us being an OpenID provider because they  
disliked the idea of "outsourcing" the ID; their thought was: let our  
central server be an OpenID provider, then all other services can  
"share" the server's user base.

I am unfamiliar with OpenID; if you don't have your own provider, are  
there services out there that can be used (and are trustworthy, don't  
spam you, don't display tons of blinking ads and don't charge you  


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