[OSM-dev] First JOSM patch

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 21 19:35:50 BST 2007

Hi Sander & all others with JOSM patches,

> Since I got no reply, I am wondering where i should submit this patch.
> Does anyone have any pointers?

Imi, the original JOSM author and maintainer of the JOSM SVN, is quite 
busy ATM. However I've talked him into granting me commit access to his 
SVN a few days ago, and have been introduced to the build automatism 
etc., and I'll start checking and commiting the patches that have been 
posted here. I'll be the interim JOSM maintainer until Imi takes over 
again. I'll announce new versions on talk, and regularly check the JOSM 
trac at josm.eigenheimstrasse.de.

If anyone has patches for JOSM, you can send them to me directly. (Don't 
resend stuff that was already on this list, I have saved and prepared 
them for inclusion already.)

Concerning your particular patch, I wanted to test whether this really 
is a bug but haven't found a way how one can change one's OSM password 
to one of the right length ;-) I might have to set up a new account for 


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