[OSM-dev] Towards spatial indexing (was: OSM the mediocre alternative)

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Mon Apr 23 03:48:01 BST 2007

A Morris wrote:

> (How long do we have before the current server collapses under the load?)

As far as I care, it already "collapses" several times a day.  
The problem is that I have no clue exactly what the server does.  
It's just unavailable or unresponsive.  It's hard to know from the 
outside (as an API user) if this is because the hardware is 
occupied doing something else (e.g. collecting the day's 
statistics) or because the current software is suboptimal (e.g. 
lacking some kind of index) or because the current hardware really 
is used to its maximum.  Finding out what the cause is, at every 
observation of slowness, would be the first step in my approach.

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