[OSM-dev] Blue sea for tiles at home

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Apr 24 10:11:49 BST 2007

Hi Kristian,

> On Tue, Apr 24, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> Do you have issues with the index file in Europe?
> http://informationfreeway.org/? 
> lat=7517873.7708&lon=1385578.48874&zoom=12&layers=B000

I am not quite sure if we understood each other here. The index file  
is responsible for pointing out the "100% sea" tiles. As soon as a  
tile contains any bit of coastline, the index file is not looked at.

Lars suggested that we might replace the index file by a sort of  
"hint node" or "control node" that sits somewhere inside the tile  
area. (The more I think about that idea, the more I like it. The only  
disadvantage I can see is that we'd start putting rendering  
information into our database on an unprecedented scale (something to  
the tune of 10 million nodes I guess, seeing that there are 4096**2  
level-12 tiles and approximately 70% of them are water.)

That would make the index file unnecessary, but it would not help  
with the Copenhagen coastline.


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