[OSM-dev] Missing script - extract-places

Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat.com
Wed Apr 25 15:28:54 BST 2007

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> Hakan Tandogan schrieb:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Before the big subversion renaming in Essen, there was a script called
>> "planetosm-extract-places.pl" that took a planet.osm file and extracted
>> all places from it into a CSV file that consisted of lines of the form
>> <node-id> <node-type> <place-name> <lat> <lon> .
>> I can't find that script anymore, was it deleted or renamed to something
>> else?
> I searched trac with google[1] and can't find any reference to
> extract-places.pl or similar, you might want to refine the search there,
> but I'm beginning to think that particular script has never really been
> in svn...
> The only place I could find something with extract in my current local
> svn copy was /applications/utils/osm-extract/

Strange, I can't find it again either. Too bad that my last known good
backup died a few days ago :-(

I'll rewrite a new script from scratch and add it to osm subversion...


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