[OSM-dev] dev server unresponsive

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Wed Apr 25 16:04:14 BST 2007

Hello Dirk

The cronjob was updatedb which indexed the entire T at H tileset. I have pruned T at H 
from the updatedb process.

There were more than 150 processes competing, most of which were apache 
processes. The apache settings were insane. I have corrected these. Don't know 
how settings were changed to 150 clients!

Tile writing through T at H is saturating the T at H drive. This is impacting read 
performance for T at H. I guess tiles are being generated appx 30x faster than they 
are being read, and faster than the hard drive can cope. The T at H scheduler needs 
to pull back.

Dirk-Lüder Kreie wrote:
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> Hi
> It seems that the dev server is no longer accepting any uploads from
> tiles at home clients (always givess error 500 - read timeout).
> from munin one can see that there is some sort of cron job starting
> around 6 am loading the server pretty heavily, and with the more massed
> uploads with the rerendering of coastal areas it seems to have fallen
> over at about noon. now it sits there wit around 150 processes competing
> for CPU time and RAM.
> The upload retries from the tiles at home clients don't help with resolving
> the situation either.
> Can someone with access please check what's going on?
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