[OSM-dev] The Rails Port

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 11:18:39 BST 2007

The long awaited rails port is nearly ready.  It needs people to test it out
and a few things finishing off.

There is a wiki-page here:


which gives an outline of setting up OSM Rails - please add to it with your
own experiences.  Rails makes running your own version of OSM very easy.  If
you are sligthly interested please have a go.  We've had OSM-Rails running
so far on Ubuntu and Mac OSX - any Linux distribution should be pretty easy
to get things going on.  It will also run on Windows, but we haven't tested
this yet.  An idea of the Rails port is to allow more people to hack on the
OSM server code, without the ball-break of setting up the the existing code.

So please have a go - this is a great chance to shape the way OSM looks and
works.  Send questions to dev at openstreetmap.org, and please prefix the
subject with [RAILS].  I will prioritise answering questions about Rails and
the OSM Rails port for anyone who is interested.

Good luck,

Nick Black
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