[OSM-dev] dev server unresponsive

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Thu Apr 26 17:34:44 BST 2007

Nick Hill wrote:

> There were more than 150 processes competing, most of which were 
> apache processes. The apache settings were insane. I have 
> corrected these. Don't know how settings were changed to 150 
> clients!

After this, informationfreeway.org is a lot slower.  I reload the 
page and it takes 15 seconds or more before all tiles have arrived 
from the dev server.  What new value did you set?  Could you 
please increase it a little again, to see if this helps?

> Tile writing through T at H is saturating the T at H drive.

Is this the case on any normal day, or only now for the sea tiles?

> This is impacting read performance for T at H. I guess tiles are 
> being generated appx 30x faster than they are being read, and 
> faster than the hard drive can cope. The T at H scheduler needs to 
> pull back.

What scheduler are you talking about here?  I thought all t at h 
tiles were generated "at home" and then uploaded to the server.  
Is there also a process running on the server to generate tiles?

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