[OSM-dev] I've done some work on JOSM...

Robert Hart bathterror at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 08:54:47 BST 2007

So, the code for Reorder Segments seems to rely on all the segments
> facing the same way, or it won't work properly - it'll order the parts
> that are facing the same way, but not the whole thing (as would be
> expected, you can't order them when they aren't facing the same way).
> So, to fix this (from my point of view anyway), I've gone and written a
> new function I've called "Direct all way segments", that seems to solve
> all the "Unordered ways" warnings (that are really unordered ways, and
> not other issues like roads being split in two).
> What it essentially does is to Sort all the segments in a way
> irresepective of the direction they're facing, it then makes all of them
> face the same direction as the one on the end, it then reorders the
> segments in the way. I think this is considerably easier than the
> previous method which involved selecting each segment, switching it then
> reordering them.

Does it fix the lollipop problem? This is when the final segment of a way
ends on one of the intermediate nodes in the way. These should be orderable
(if that is a word), because you can start either from the node that has
only segment from it, or from the node that has 3 segments as long as you do
the loop first.

I'm not sure what process there is for reviewing patches (if any), or
> what I should do with this code.
Posting it on this list should be sufficient. It used to be that Imi needed
to apply it to JOSM, but there is now another JOSM maintainer on this list

Robert Hart
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