[OSM-dev] Alternative tile webserver needed?

80n 80n80n at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 15:24:47 BST 2007

I've added two new layers at www.informationfreeway.org:

Firefishy squid proxy
Sebastian apache proxy


On 4/27/07, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de> wrote:
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> 80n wrote:
> > Sebastian
> > If you give me a URL I will add it as a layer at informationfreeway.  If
> > it all works out then it can be set to be the default layer.
> Although Grant Slaters comment on using squid might be right on the
> money, I just set up the reverse proxy and a 2GB cache with a timeout of
> 2 hours (when dev.OSM doen't set a specific valid time) as a test.
> The URL scheme is the same as on dev:
> http://osm.sspaeth.de/Tiles/tile.php/17/67636/47054.png
> I currently allow all requests under the Tiles directory.
> Let's see if it works.
> Spaetz
> P.S. I agree with Nick Hill that limiting tile generation will be the
> correct way to reduce load.
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