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On 4/27/07, Kristian Thy <thy at 42.dk> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 27, Andy Robinson wrote:
> > Yes, I've pointed out before that we should turn off curve support for
> area
> > features.
> Not all areas, surely? Parks and lakes are often smooth, for instance.
> Perhaps introduce an osmarender hint tag to disable beziering on a
> feature-by-feature basis?

Yes, this would be the right thing to do I think.  I need to get my finger
out & build the hinting into the pre-processor that I've started on, then we
can have a suitable bezier hint tag to switch it off when it does the wrong

On areas I don't mind fixing it so that it won't do them, but I think on the
whole there are more areas that it makes look right than wrong...

If you want to see the difference it makes on a local version, just change
line 65 in lines2curves.pl from:

if ( $line =~ m{(<path \s id=\"(?:way|area)_\w+\" \s d=\") # the prefix of
the path


if ( $line =~ m{(<path \s id=\"way_\w+\" \s d=\") # the prefix of the path

which should then ignore areas...

Cheers .Baz.

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