[OSM-dev] [PATCH] close-areas.pl: Fix coastline leaving/entering around pi=0

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 28 19:57:43 BST 2007


> I found an interesting cornercase while trying to render tile
> 2105,1344. The coastline exits as angle 0.49745684251941 and enters at
> 6.27805519711706. The current code checks whether the exit angle is
> smaller and draws a way all around the box if it is, but fails to
> check whether this is because it crosses boundary of 0 and 2*pi(). 

It seems I broke that when I "fixed" the bug where islands open on the 
right hand side weren't closed properly. The special handling with 
...<pi() ... >pi() was intended to catch that but it seems it doesn't.

Are you reasonably sure that your patch does not break anything else ;-)

I'll apply it and we will see. Trigonometry makes my head go round.


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