[OSM-dev] TIGER upload automation

Dave Hansen dave at sr71.net
Wed Aug 29 18:10:30 BST 2007

I'm using a hacked up version of bulk_upload.pl, along with a ton of
previously-generated TIGER files.  I've written scripts to automate the

I have some rudimentary status here:


Which is auto-generated, but I need to automate updating that file on
the web server.  I'll make it prettier over time, but this is what I
could hack together in 20 minutes.  It also only counts counties for
which I've even generated TIGER files.  There are still about 1000 of
those to generate

This is the actual queue that I'm using to drive the upload automation.
If you want your county done sooner, let me know, and I'll pop it up in
the queue.


Note, this is only valid for the work that *I* am doing, and not for any
other bozos that have used the ruby scripts and uploaded on their own.

-- Dave

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