[OSM-dev] New symbol handling in Osmarender

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Tue Feb 13 16:00:16 GMT 2007

I have re-worked the symbol handling in Osmarender to make it easier to
use and easier to add new icons. I have also added a different icon for
the post office, an icon for telephones and all the icons that David Earl
had in his rules file (thanks David!) and the rendering of the names for
the features with those icons (cinema, school, etc.)

Changes in short:
* I have separated out all the symbols into one file each in the symbols
* They get pulled together by some Makefile rules, for convenient use
  the symbols.svg file has all the icons together.
* So symbols are not in the rules file anymore, but in a separate
  symbols.svg file which gets pulled in when rendering the map. (You can
  still have extra symbols in the rules file if you want. An option in
  the rules file can be set to say which symbol file to include.)
* There is a catalogue of all symbols in symbols-catalogue.(svg|pdf|png)
* All icons must be the same size and have (0,0) as their mid-point
* Syntax in rules file for including icons changed to just:
  <symbol ref="airport" />
* If you want to make a single icon larger, use this:
  <symbol ref="airport" scale="2" />
* If you want to scale all icons use the symbolScale option.

See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Osmarender/Symbols for some
more details.

Please give it a try and if there are no problems we can move this into
tiles at home.

Jochen Topf  jochen at remote.org  http://www.remote.org/jochen/  +49-721-388298

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