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Sat Jan 6 17:53:31 GMT 2007

On Saturday 06 January 2007 15:43, Nick Hill wrote:
> I need to provide a map of Catford to an organisation I volunteer for
> locally.

This software isn't anywhere near complete yet, but an alternative story is:

They go to the "create a map of your organisation" page

It's asking for several things. The most complex one for them is their 
lat/long, but there are many ways to find that out from online maps.  It also 
requires them to make a change to their website, to prove who they are (this 
is just an anti-spam trick)

Essentially they just fill in their name and say that they want a custom map.

Once that's done, (and after a few hours' delay for it to get rendered) 
they're presented with their own customised map page, centred on their hall, 
and with a map of their nearest town.  That map can be printed, or they can 
use it on their website:

After the software has been developed a bit more, they will be able to 
download a blank image that fits exactly over their map, sketch some 
directions on it, and upload the result.  Their sketches will be combined 
with the latest OSM map to show visitors the best route in, roadwork 
warnings, walking routes, etc.



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