[OSM-dev] improving osmarender

Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de
Mon Jan 8 20:34:06 GMT 2007

Tom Higgy schrieb:
> Johann Gail wrote:
>> Hi to the osmarender team.
>> I've just detected the tag osmarender:nameDirection='-1'.
>> Is this tag really neccessary?
>> I think, the orientation of the naming should be done by the 
>> rendering tool automatically, in this case osmarender.
> <snip>
> Another thing I'd like to see, if anyone can come up with a solution, 
> is where road names don't fit within the length of the road. Most 
> renderers would not render the road name rather than make a mess.
> Is it possible to have osmarender hide the road names if they won't fit?
Wouldn't it be a better solution to scale down the names for fitting in the available space. Most renderers deliver vektor graphics, so the user can zoom in.

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