[OSM-dev] JOSM and WMS

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jan 15 10:29:38 GMT 2007


> A WMS layer read into JOSM is read in EPSG:4326 (WGS84/LatLon) and
> internally reprojected to the screen, right? Is the only way to read a
> WMS which is already in the right projection (Mercator) to subclass
> MapView and override the paint method?

I have recently worked with the "wmsplugin" plugin (which itselfs is
derived from the landsat plugin). The wmsplugin uses a subclass of the
WMSImage (and WMSLayer) classes - which are basically the same as the
landsat plugin's LandsatImage/LandsatLayer - to handle different
projections. There should not be any need to make changes to the core.

(Now that you say it, I am not quite sure whether these plugins can handle
different projection preferences at all... theoretically the WMS
server should be informed about the projection you want, or strictly
speaking it should first be queried about its capabilities, and then
you would either request the projection you want if supported by the
server, or request something other and re-project it yourself. But it
seems that half the world assumes EPSG:4326...)


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