[OSM-dev] Problematic ways and segments

Dean Earley dean at earlsoft.co.uk
Sun Jan 21 01:17:54 GMT 2007

Dean Earley wrote:
> I have just added a bit of logging to my map generator which takes in 
> planet.osm.
> This logs all segments with one or both endpoints invalid (non existent 
> nodes) and ways with duplicated segment and segments <= 0.
> It's a nice healthy 18MB if anyone wants to try and work through it :)
> http://personal.earlsoft.co.uk/osm/Planet%20070117%20errors.txt

Following on from this:

The first listed segment (3) is listed in planet.osm, reported as "gone" 
by the api, yet the history claims it is still visible.

The nodes are correct and show as deleted everywhere.

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