[OSM-dev] Filled oceans in tiles at home - request for development work

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Mon Jan 22 15:57:29 GMT 2007

Martijn van Oosterhout a écrit :
> Yeah, there's whole cities (like The Hague) which have lots and lots
> of segments, and not a single way among them. I don't understand who
> would do such a thing... It's a bit like breaking an egg in a pan and
> forgetting to turn on the stove: you've acheived nothing for a lot of
> work...

It was probably mapped a few time ago, when OSM doesn't have ways.

If you want to add ways to such cities, you could try my way-creation 
plugin for JOSM. It takes all selected segments that aren't part of a 
way and create as many ways as needed (a way by group of connected 
segments in the same direction without intersection)

For those who are good at making maps from the planet dump : It could be 
handy to have a map showing location of those segments without ways.

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