[OSM-dev] Tiles with data, but without ways (was: Filled oceans in tiles at home - request for development work)

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Tue Jan 23 15:54:03 GMT 2007

On Mon, Jan 22, 2007 at 09:31:38PM +0000, 80n wrote:
> On 1/22/07, Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >On 1/22/07, Dirk-Lüder Kreie <osm-list at deelkar.net> wrote:
> >> We could use the osmarender debug-mode for tiles at home, which would make
> >> segments show up on the map, but we need to make clear that this is not
> >> yet finished data, perhaps by only doing it on zoom 12-14, so the
> >> Segments show up in overview, but not when someone is browsing detail,
> >> on the other hadn this might be confusing if suddenly a whole lot of
> >> data seems to be missing just because one zoomed in.
> >
> >I think this would be better, but I think we should do away with the
> >label "debug". I'd like osmarender to render segments without ways as
> >something like a grey dashed line. That looks unfinished and it would
> >give a much better impression as to the state of the map.
> >
> >Is there any good reason why you would *not* want to display such
> >segments?
> The problem with rendering segments in Osmarender is that people are less
> inclined to make them into ways and tag them if they show up anyway.

I disagree. I think people would be *more* motivated to add tags if
they see that there is something there already, but they want their
street to show up properly with names and colors for primary roads etc.
Also I think it is harder to start your mapping in an area where there
is nothing, because you'll think it is futile anyway. But if you see a
start somewhere you might be induced to help adding to it.

> If segments are rendered then IMHO they should be rendered in purple or some
> obnoxious shade of brown so that people are strongly motivated not to leave
> them like that.

Hm. Is worth considering, but I think this would be confusing for
outsiders who look at the map. (Not that Osmarender maps aren't very
colorful already with all the different abutters etc.)

So I think a faint dotted gray line would make it visually clear to
everybody that there is something there, but its not finished yet.

Maybe we should try this out. Can anybody point me to an area where
there are untagged segments without ways (and also tagged ways for
contrast)? I'll render them with different rules and we see what it looks

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