[OSM-dev] [OSM-talk] Potlatch wayss with negative ID's - what to do when server down

Dan Moore writetodan at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 16:56:51 BST 2007


when i was looking at the applet code, it came to me we could maybe store stuff up onto an online storage service if the server was not available... maybe something like http://www.xdrive.com/ but i can't remember the one i tried out.

the applet used to unpick / rewind all your changes if it couldn't get through, i seem to remember - a bit harsh, but it's a difficult situation.  it would try a couple of retries first though.

cheers, dan.

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David Groom wrote:

> Is there anyway to force these to be uploaded again ( I have tried adding
> tags on the way and changing existing tags, but this doesn't force the way
> to get a valid ID)
> Or do I simply have to close the browser, loose the ways that I was trying
> to create, and then open Potlatch again, and draw the way from scratch?

At present you do, yes. When you first try to upload a new way,  
Potlatch sets its "uploading" flag, and won't upload that way again  
until it's received a response from the server. (This was a change  
introduced the other week to stop duplicate ways being created.)

Clearly in the circumstances you describe, this causes problems (I  
encountered this the other day, too). But I'm unsure how to address  
it. Should it just forget the "uploading" flag after, say, 1 minute,  
so you can retry?


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