[OSM-dev] gpx import crashing

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Tue Jun 5 01:20:03 BST 2007

In message <5262439F-E0F1-4B3F-AEAE-186EE4ABE291 at asklater.com>
          SteveC <steve at asklater.com> wrote:

> its not finding files and crashing... dont know if thats because the
> file isnt being put in the right place or what, but things aren't there
> also svn up'd and deployed to live site now...
> steve at www:/var/www/rails$ ls /home/osm/gpx/23837.gpx
> ls: /home/osm/gpx/23837.gpx: No such file or directory
> Nosuch file or directory - /home/osm/gpx/23837.gpx
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/../../config/../lib/osm.rb:76:in `initialize'
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/../../config/../lib/osm.rb:76:in `new'
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/../../config/../lib/osm.rb:76:in `initialize'
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/../../config/../app/models/trace.rb:95:in
> `new'
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/../../config/../app/models/trace.rb:95:in
> `import'
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/gpx_import.rb:20
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/gpx_import.rb:15:in `each'
> /var/www/rails/lib/daemons/gpx_import.rb:15

Hmm.. The daemon should just delete that record from the database, send
an email to the person who uploaded it, and move on to the next trace if
the file is missing.

The only way I can make that not happen is to force a second exception
in the exception handler by denying delete on the traces tables in the
database. That causes the daemon to crash - is that what is happening
here? Does the daemon actually stop running?

If you're starting the daemon with "ruby script/daemons start" then there
should be a gpx_import.rb.log where any second exception would be logged
or at least that is where it winds up on my system.

Do any trace files > 23837 exist in that directory?


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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