[OSM-dev] dev.openstreetmap.org spring-clean

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Jun 6 14:04:15 BST 2007

dev.openstreetmap.org filled up last night.

If you're a dev user, and you have a few spare minutes, can you take a  
look at your account and delete anything you're no longer using? For  
example, you might have an old checkout of the pre-Rails source, or a  
few ungzipped old planets.

For info, I've pasted below what du says people's current usage is.  
Obviously, I'm not l33t enough to have sup3ruz0r privileges so this  
may underestimate usage in some areas.


0       osm
12      andy
12      dav
12      rupert
20      deane
20      mstrecke
24      sxpert
28      ralfz
48      lost+found
140     nburch
3028    richard
3800    etienne
5860    joerg
30972   kae
50324   graham
76908   nickh
80348   erik
176584  mikel
256728  nickb
465064  ojw
597904  random
832700  artem
2504852 dsheldon
2651336 imi
6538408 danmoore
8596292 planet
9789320 nick

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