[OSM-dev] How to tag addresses

Dave Hansen dave at sr71.net
Wed Jun 13 23:00:17 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-06-13 at 14:27 -0700, Brandon Martin-Anderson wrote:
>         It also makes it hard if you want to modify the entire street
>         and add an
>         osm tag, say highway=primary or something.
> Good call. I didn't even think of that. In fact that even works a
> little contrawise to my motivations for importing the dataset. I'd
> like to use the OSM dataset as a base graph for a wayfinding
> application, in which case it's best arranged in a sort of graph where
> each edge has a complete set of data in and of itself.

By an edge do you mean each possible transition between segments which
share a node at an intersection?

> Further, to use the OSM as a dataset of address geocoding each segment
> needs to be a separate way with it's own address range(s). You could
> store address range information in a node, but you'd have to keep it
> in the node _with respect to_ the adjacent edge.

Why is this?  A node doesn't have an address _range_, it just has an
pair of address, one the north/south streets and one for east/west,

Like here:


Sandy Blvd has been chosen to be an e/w street there, and addresses on
Sandy Blvd have the same longitude as the same address on Ankeny St.  At
their intersection, it's 1100 on both streets in the same place.

Does that convention with addresses hold everywhere, or is Portland an

> Maybe an extension to the data model is in order? 

Possibly.  I guess there could be an edge to specify a transition
between ways at a node.  It would just need the two way ids and the
single node id.  Would this work if a way looped around and intersected
the same node twice?  

-- Dave

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