[OSM-dev] openstreet map and wms

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jun 18 21:17:23 BST 2007


> Mapnik has got WMS 1.1.1/1.3.0 implemented in Python since 0.3. You can 
> project vector data on fly, specify layers etc. 

Does that mean we could offer full WMS capabilites and are not doing it 
only because we don't have a suitable machine to host it?

> Anyone can setup basic WMS using planet.osm/osm2pgsql/postgis/mapnik in no time. But why? Using 
> 'tiles' is by far better (more scalable) way to deliver base maps on the web.

If you're happy with the one projection that we offer, and if you want 
base maps for the web, then yes. But if you're a GIS guy creating maps 
somewhere, you will want to import your base map in the projection you 
need, maybe even with some layers selected and some deselected. That's 
obviously far superior to having just one base map, in a limited number 
of zoom levels, with layers and projection selected by the renderer (and 
not you).

As faw as I am aware, you can have this flexibility currently only if 
you install Mapnik yourself and tune the styles to your needs. This is, 
again obviously, something that 95% of people who might want to access a 
WMS service cannot do.

It would be very cool and a giant step ahead of our "competitors" if we 
could offer a full WMS base map.

Of course tiles are easier to do but they offer only a fraction of what 
a proper WMS service would.


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