[OSM-dev] openstreet map and wms

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jun 18 23:51:38 BST 2007


> Well that's the thing isn't it, a standard that allows everyone to do 
> anything at any time in any way.

Not really, WMS has a lot of limitations (but a lot less than serving 

> Any why doesn't anyone implement it, 
> damn it?

Artem said he has implemented it, didn't he? And if you're after clients 
(rather than servers) then just google for "google maps wms" and you'll 
find tons of people in forums that you didn't know existed doing things 
that you'd never think people would want to do, half of them asking 
"how can I access google maps as WMS service for my so-and-so application".

You shouldn't get too carried away with your derision of anything that 
has the word "standard" on it Steve. It's the content that counts and 
not the label. Hearing you talk sometimes makes one wonder why OSM data 
is delivered in XML form at all when you could much easier just write 
out everything in a handmade plaintext format and show the world you 
don't care. After all, 80% of the XML is useless filling material...


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