[OSM-dev] Database Schema (was Re: [OSM-talk] Oh dear - planet has duplicate id's)

Raphaël Jacquot sxpert at sxpert.org
Mon Jun 25 06:38:16 BST 2007

Tom Hughes wrote:

> Now ideally I want to do a keyed read on 2+2 then next to 2+3, then
> do a keyed read on 3+2 and next to 3+3. But I don't actually know
> what values will match in the first column before I start (and there
> might be a very large number in a real world case).
> The alternative (and what will happen now) is that I start at 2+2 and
> next to 3+3, but that is only marginally better than dropping the second
> column and effectively starting at 2+1 and nexting to 3+4 as I am only
> saving a little bit on the first and last latitudes.
> Tom

ideally, this should use

and that
for the indexes...

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