[OSM-dev] PostGIS dump (was: Re: [OSM-talk] Planet Dump)

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Mar 9 10:56:57 GMT 2007

[moved to dev]

Ray Booysen wrote:
>> Of course I could write a SAX parser for the osm dump and generate an
>> sql dump myself. ;)  But that defeats the point I think.

>These already exist in svn... nick was saying the mysql version has a
>bug though.

Hello Steve,

Is the weekly PostGIS dump (the one used to create the default Mapnik 
maps) available anywhere e.g. via a URL? As indicated in a previous post I 
would like to use it for Freemap; the memory on my VM is unable to handle 
osm2pgsql, but is able to handle storage of the data, and Mapnik rendering 
from the PostGIS database.

If it's not available via a URL, is it available on dev anywhere? If so I 
can set up a cron job to copy it to my dev space, and then request it from 
the Freemap server.


have fun,

SteveC steve at asklater.com http://www.asklater.com/steve/

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