[OSM-dev] Extracting polygons from planet.osm - take 2

Keith Sharp kms at passback.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 09:36:22 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-15 at 22:56 +0100, Christoph Eckert wrote:
> > - Takes input from a text file defining a polygon or polygons as a
> > sequence of longitudes and latitudes.
> was it possible to accept GPX files? I ask because then it would be easy 
> for users to create some via
> http://www.marengo-ltd.com/map/development.html

That sounds like a reasonable enhancement.  Thinking about it, I would
suggest that polygons only be created from routes within GPX files and
that the script should automatically complete the polygon even if the
route is not a loop.


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