[OSM-dev] london tube stations

Dave osm at randomjunk.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 10:53:09 GMT 2007

> So I'm just arguing that from a practical point of view, "something" is
> more
> likely to happen than "everything", and a catch-all would be helpful.
> Another point is that most brand logos are copyright. The London
> Underground
> copyright is jealously guarded. Permission would probably have to be
> sought
> for specific logos.


We currently have railway=rail / subway / tramway / etc
To some degree it would make sense to add this to the stations too. The only
issue is that a station can easily be used by more than one mode of railway.
Wimbledon is a classic where the same railway station entrance is
underground, mainline, and tramlink. What you could do here is something
like subway=London Underground. Where renderers choose an appropriate logo
based on the id, or a default based on the key. These marks can annotate the
standard station symbol and where you have more than one, you get more than
one annoation.

The exact logos to use are an absolute legal nightmare if you're not careful
I'm sure.

And as for quite how renderers handled annotated station symbols at all I
don't know. I realise most things are simple mappings from data rather than
the complex positioning and compositing operations I've implied above. The
simple case with "fall back" annotations can be handled nicely with a few

I do think underground stations need rendering differently though -- mainly
because they have a tendancy to randomly appear in the middle of nowhere
with no railway line in site, which can be a little off-putting until you
realise its a tube entrance.
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