[OSM-dev] Applet hostile behaviour with segment direction

Dermot McNally dermotm at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 18:22:56 GMT 2007


I've been doing some editing of late. On my travels, I've found plenty
of instances of roundabouts some of whose segments point the wrong
way. Since some of these are ones I've worked on, I found myself
wondering if I was to blame. Turns out I probably was, kind of, due to
an unhelpful behaviour of the applet.

Consider a roundabout where you need to add some nodes, either to
clean up the appearance of a large one or to correctly connect each
carriageway of a dual-carriageway. In adding a node to an existing
segment you might expect that each new segment thus created would
point in the same direction. However, this doesn't match my
experience. It looks to me as if each new segment will "face" the new

Is there any useful purpose for this behaviour or is it something that
could be changed to What I Expected?


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