[OSM-dev] API very slow this morning

Styno styno at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 22 10:31:27 GMT 2007

In my programming experience (with C software, not Apache or Ruby), this 
vague behavior can be caused by lack of other resources e.g. file 
descriptors or sockets which does not show up on top. Leaking of these 
resources is mainly caused when they aren't properly cleaned-up after use.

Maybe you can try commands like 'netstat' and 'lsof' next time...

Nick Hill wrote:
> Restarting apache on www, which runs the API in mod_ruby seems to have sped 
> things up.
> This wasn't a memory or CPU hogging issue. It's as though apache processes 
> simply become unresponsive.
> Nick Whitelegg wrote:
>> Hello Steve and Nick,
>> API seems very slow, particularly for 0900 GMT, which should be a quiet time - 
>> took best part of a minute to download a 0.03 x 0.05 degree area. Is there an 
>> issue?
>> Nick
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