[OSM-dev] Offering help with OSM

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Thu Mar 22 12:48:24 GMT 2007

Hi Nathan


Ben is no longer involved and has moved on.

There is existing ruby code for importing TIGER via the API but it had a 
number of severe bugs such as not re-using nodes and creating many ways.

Assuming you're familiar with the data model and have used JOSM to map a 
bit of your area, taking over or re-writing this code would be super 
useful and you could import areas on a per-county or smaller basis with 
peoples help. You could turn TIGER in to .osm and allow people to upload 
and check these through JOSM perhaps.

You should get on the dev@ list and talk to people there also.

Nathan Rover wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> My name is Nathan Rover, I'm a software developer from Troy, Missouri. 
> I've been trying to get in touch with Ben Gimpert, if it's possible 
> could you forward this on to him, or give me his e-mail address. I was 
> interested in helping with the mapping of the United States. I could do 
> GPS leg work, but I'm under the impression there is an attempt to import 
> census data. How will this effect the data collected by GPS mappers? I'm 
> not sure what the current status is, but it looks like there might be 
> some issues with the import process... if I could be of any help please 
> let me know. I'm a software developer who can program in C++, VB.NET, 
> Python, ASP and T-SQL. If I need to lean a new language let me know... 
> it won't take long. I also manage some small SQL server setups, and I 
> have some experience with MySQL and Linux. I'm under the impression that 
> is what you are using for this project. I also have a handful of unused 
> development IBM X330s in a rack in my office that could be used to 
> supply some processing power if needed converting the census data. 
> Please let me know if I could help... keep up the good work.
> Nathan Rover

have fun,

SteveC steve at asklater.com http://www.asklater.com/steve/

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