[OSM-dev] database statistics

Dan Moore writetodan at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 10:27:15 GMT 2007

if you grep the logs, there's something written in perl going a bit rampant there, requests that bbox every 5 mins weds to sunday...

also in the logs, theres not a lot of history requests going on - maybe 15 in a week?

cheers, dan..

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Claudomiro Nascimento Jr. wrote:
> webalizer of the log: http://claudomiro.googlepages.com/usage_200703.html

Interesting reading. It seems that 
api/0.3/map?bbox=5.838672,52.150385,6.026562,52.224269 had been downloaded 
1027 times.

That seems incredibly fishy to me, especially since that's 398Mbytes each time.

I guess that apache logs the entire number of bytes transferred, regardless 
of whether the HTTP request was gzip encoded.

Simon Hewison

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