[OSM-dev] Mapnik on win32

Artem Pavlenko artem at mapnik.org
Sat Mar 24 11:02:08 GMT 2007

Hello list,

Bart van den Eijnden from OSGIS kindly sponsored a copy of Vista for  
Mapnik. And as a result I'm planning to start distributing win32  
binaries for Mapnik.  This will include SDK (headers/libs) and also  
Python bindings. I'm building Mapnik and all its dependencies with MS  
native compiler (VC++ Express aka vc-8_0).

I understand that win32 binaries would benefit from having some kind  
of installer and after some googling I found: NSIS (http:// 
www.nullsoft.com). It's script based, Open Source installer for  
windows and it's used by many famous FOSS projects (including  
Debian). Unfortunately I'm lacking experience packaging win32  
software and I wonder if anyone on this list could help.

The binaries are ready to go and just waiting for a bit of installer  

Thanks in advance.

Artem Pavlenko

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