[OSM-dev] Writing an OSM map application

Andreas Volz lists at brachttal.net
Sat Mar 24 15:21:36 GMT 2007

Am Fri, 23 Mar 2007 19:52:29 +0000 schrieb Keith Sharp:

> I use PostGIS on top of PostgreQL.  The table format is defined by the
> import tool, see below.

I installed PostGIS on my machine.

> > - Is there an application which converts the world.osm into a SQL
> > database?
> If you use PostGIS then you want osm2pgsql:
> 	http://svn.openstreetmap.org/utils/osm2pgsql/
> or as an RPM from:
> 	http://www.passback.org.uk/maps/rpms/

Is there also an Gentoo ebuild available? 

I tried to build it with the Makefile and got as result:

g++ -g -O2 -Wall -DGEOS_INLINE    -c -o build_geometry.o
build_geometry.cpp build_geometry.cpp:26:39: error:
geos/geom/GeometryFactory.h: No such file or directory
build_geometry.cpp:27:49: error: geos/geom/CoordinateSequenceFactory.h:
No such file or directory build_geometry.cpp:28:32: error:
geos/geom/Geometry.h: No such file or directory
build_geometry.cpp:29:34: error: geos/geom/LineString.h: No such file
or directory build_geometry.cpp:30:34: error: geos/geom/LinearRing.h:
No such file or directory build_geometry.cpp:31:39: error:
geos/geom/MultiLineString.h: No such file or directory
build_geometry.cpp:32:31: error: geos/geom/Polygon.h: No such file or
directory build_geometry.cpp:33:31: error: geos/io/WKTReader.h: No such
file or directory build_geometry.cpp:34:31: error: geos/io/WKTWriter.h:
No such file or directory

> ls /usr/include/geos
geomgraph.h       indexBintree.h    io.h               operation.h
opValid.h      spatialIndex.h geomgraphindex.h  indexChain.h
noding.h           opLinemerge.h   planargraph.h  timeval.h
geom.h            indexQuadtree.h   nodingSnapround.h  opOverlay.h
platform.h     unload.h geomUtil.h        indexStrtree.h
opBuffer.h         opPolygonize.h  precision.h    util.h
geosAlgorithm.h   indexSweepline.h  opDistance.h       opRelate.h
profiler.h     version.h

> eix geos
* sci-libs/geos 
     Available versions:  2.2.1 2.2.3 ~3.0.0_rc3
     Installed:           2.2.3
     Homepage:            http://geos.refractions.net
     Description:         Geometry Engine - Open Source

Do I need a more recent geos version? I think it doesn't hurt to
document the needed library versions. :-)

> In subversion there are other tools for processing OSM files, have a
> look around.
> > - Are there any libraries (C/C++) which give me a higher level of
> > abstraction on the map data then operating with SQL queries?
> There is a large quantity of GIS software available.  Have a look at
> the FreeGIS website:
> 	http://www.freegis.org/

Many stuff there. I just started to get an overview...


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