[OSM-dev] tiles at home pre-processor error?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 29 21:33:21 BST 2007


> I spotted the following error running tiles at home, does anyone know how 
> to fix this?

I have the same error on about 1% of tiles. Indeed the problem can be 
fixed by increasing the maximum recursion depth (add --maxdepth 12000 or 
so to the xslt command line). I do not know how to fix it with 
xmlstarlet though.

I discussed this briefly by mail with 80n who suggested to reduce the 
maximum number of segments frollo tries to process. There's a line in 
frollo2.xsl which reads

     <xsl:variable name='maximumNumberOfSegs' select='"400"'/>

80n said that if you reduce that number, the only damage you do is that 
ways with more than that number of segments will not get sorted (i.e. 
the worst case is that the way looks as it looked before frollo).

I reduced the number to 400 in my copy of frollo2.xsl and haven't seen 
the problem since. I have commited the change to the tilesAtHome SVN 
directory because I think in the t at h environment we'd rather have a 
not-so-beautifully rendered tile than no tile at all.

Neither 80n nor I have an idea why the default maximum depth of 3000 can 
be reached when the segment limit is 800 but there you go... 80n said 
he'll look into it when he is less busy.


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