[OSM-dev] tiles at home disk usage

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed May 2 11:02:51 BST 2007


> Just as background info for anyone who doesn't watch munin stats:  
> the sea and
> coastline tiles have pushed us up to 92% disk space usage (from 57%  
> before)
> on tiles at home

Two questions on that.

First, if I sum up all sizes given in the latest.txt.gz file, I end  
up with the number 502032007251339, that's roughly 500 GB. Do we  
really have that amount of tile data, or is there something wrong  
with either the file or my sum? From my calculations, the empty sea  
tiles seem to make up only about 6 GB, but if 500 GB tile data is 92%  
disk usage and you only had 57% before, then that means that not 6 GB  
but 200 GB have been added recently.

The empty sea tiles are, as far as I can think of, the only thing  
that was really added by the new software. The coastal tiles were  
there before, with a thin blue line for the coastline instead of a  
blue area, which should not make a world of a difference in terms of  
PNG file size.

Second question, is the table structure on Tiles at home/Dev/Website/ 
Database the one you're using now?


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